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Prices quoted are for tented cards made of standard cardstock. There will be an up charge for specialty papers or dependent upon design.

For calligraphy, there will be an additional $125 shipping and handling fee (to and from venue).


Sizing for current menu designs are as follow:  4.25” x 11” or 5.5” x 8.5”


Single Program: One page double sided on cardstock with a short edge fold

Double Program: Two pages double sided on cardstock with a short edge fold

Design Fees & Revisions

There are no design fees when using one of LLG’s previous designs. In the event you would like a custom design, there will be a design fee of $100.00.

LLG will provide up to three design and content revisions* for all stationery items. In the event the client would like to see more revisions of a design, they will incur our design fee of $100.00.

*Spelling errors made by LLG staff  will not be counted as revisions.