Unique Ideas for First Year Anniversary Gifts


Unique Ideas For First Year Anniversary Gifts

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Many newlyweds are stuck when it comes to buying a first year anniversary gift for their mate and are looking for classic, unique or new ways to surprise the one they love. We’ve gathered up 6 ideas on how to give the perfect gift to your one and only. 

If you’re going the Traditional route…

If you are a stickler for tradition, you’ll be pleased to know there’s an anniversary gifting guide with a classic and modern theme for each year. For year one, the theme is paper so consider doing something you can both can enjoy, like a Travel Map to track your first year’s travels and the many more you’ll have to come. You can take the time to plan out your dream trips together and place different colored pins on where you plan to go. There’s even cool options such as scratch off maps that become true works of art for your new home. 

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For the risque bride

The trend is rising again where women are opting for a sexy photo shoot to present to their other half as a secret and surprising gift to make both in the relationship feel good. These alluring photos aren’t meant to be too revealing or vulgar, but rather they should capture the woman feeling confident and sexy in her own skin, serving as a reminder for why their partner loves who they are. 

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For the One-of-a-kind/Sentimental Gift 

Whether you and your partner like to travel abroad or you do local day trips around the country, why not create art and keep pieces of your trips with you by creating a travel memory jar. This can be done by collecting sand or earth from your honeymoon and placing it in one clear jar so that each year or each trip you take you can add more layers and create a unique art piece that showcases your memories. If you don’t want to have an open jar you can even split each trip into its own mini jar and create a chic, eclectic collection 

Make something from a piece of your relationship together

One of our couples took their engagement photos on a giant tree that was destroyed during a hurricane. A year later, they received coasters and a cutting board that they made from that very tree. Not everyone is going to have a cool item to work with like a 50 year old tree, but the idea of taking something meaningful and turning into a new gift signifies a new life together as a newlywed couple. 

When you want something that sparkles

Milestone Pendant Necklace

Why not keep track of each milestone in your marriage with a simple, pendant necklace, keeping each memory near and dear to your heart. You can opt to add new pendants for your first anniversary, the year you bought your first home, the year you had your first child. Whatever the special milestone may be, each pendant will shine as a beautifully significant part of your marriage.

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Anniversary Bands

If you went for a simple infinity wedding band why not complete the set with an anniversary band to match. It doesn’t have to be the same pattern or design, but combined with your wedding band and engagement ring, the 3 will become a perfect trio, completing your left hand look. 

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