Immortalized Love in Tuscany, Italy


Chris & Briana’s Limone Felicità Wedding

A Dolce Vita-inspired wedding in Tuscany, Italy

Chris and Briana began the rest of their lives together blessed and sunkissed by the Italian April sun.

The couple’s common interest for culinary arts and wine directly bonded them when they first met in Miami three years earlier. Ever since that day, Chris and Briana have shared their passions as well as they share each other’s lives.

For their three-year anniversary, Chris surprised his beloved with a California roadtrip punctuated by wine-tasting and hiking stops. And finally, during a romantic walk at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Chris proposed to Briana. While their camera was set on a timer, as the couple was about to pose for a selfie, Chris knelt down on his knee and…click!

A moment captured in time: immortalized love.

As they started thinking about their dream wedding, Chris and Briana entrusted LLG Events to organize and guide them through their destination wedding coordination. Chris and Briana wanted a unique, intimate and exclusive wedding. The foodie and wine-lover couple knew that they wanted to offer outstanding dinner celebrations to their small circle of guests, so LLG searched through five different countries to make sure the experience would fulfill more than all their expectations.

That’s how LLG Events found the Castello Banfi Il Borgo in Tuscany, Italy. LLG strives to gain an absolute understanding of all their couples…which meant Castello Banfi turned out to be a winner! Chris and Briana fell in love with the venue and cherished its rich history. Indeed, the Castle’s vineyard setting, and the tiny medieval town church perfectly matched Chris and Briana’s Dolce Vita-desired inspirations.

LLG Events utilized Chris and Briana’s desire for Italian influence to design three brand new, original, and modern settings for each night of the three-day celebration.

Each night was enhanced by a thematic color. For the yellow theme, LLG Events created a new trend: The Lemon-Scape!

“LLG Events officially created the ‘lemon trend,’ which was later replicated by renowned planners and in celebrity weddings.”

Chris and Briana were delighted during their entire wedding experience. Because that’s what LLG Events yearns to do: turn dreams into experiences, and memories to last a lifetime. Immortalized love.

“We loved our band, who did an amazing job keeping a small group of people dancing all night! We loved our tiramisu wedding cake, and lastly, the LLG team for making it all happen,” said Briana.