When deciding to incorporate colors into your wedding or event, it’s important to decide the underlying color tone that you like. For example, if you’re incorporating warm tones, choose the corresponding color within the warm shades. You may not realize it but there’s a big difference between a cool toned red (blue based) and a warm red (yellow based) and if you try and combine colors with different underlying tones you run the risk of your design looking cheap.

LLG TIP: Go to a paint store and pick paint swatches of the colors you like and begin to mix and match colors within the correct base tones. You’ll start to realize the difference between the colors and can determine your proper tone and shade.

Once you decide on your color palette, it’s important to find subtle ways to include the colors within your design. The key is to not go overboard with one particular color or shade. If you’re doing vibrant bold florals, perhaps you choose a deeper toned table cloth to balance them? Or if you’re doing a plain charger, maybe you include a colored or patterned napkin to make a statement or pop.

LLG TIP: Make sure to have as many components at your floral sample as possible. Bring swatches of your bridesmaid’s dresses, your invitations or menus and always make sure your floral design or planner has additional options for you to choose from in the event you dislike what your originally thought would work well together.