Chapter 1: Love Goes On

There’s several ways to fall in love: it can be soft, gentle, gradual, surprising, sudden…The list is endless. For Jacqueline and Angelo, love kicked them directly when they met during a kickboxing class.

They both immediately felt a strong attraction bonding them, and a growing chemistry as they realized all the interests and friends they had in common. Besides sharing passions such as kickboxing and travel, Jacqueline and Angelo went on to share five years of true love before getting engaged.

However, sometimes life spreads unexpected obstacles in the midst of pure bliss. When that happens, the only thing you can do is take the sourest lemon that life has to offer and turn it into something resembling lemonade.

That is how Angelo’s spectacular and romantic destination proposal in Anguilla had to be canceled. Jacqueline’s beloved grandmother fell ill right before the trip; thus, Angelo’s proposal turned out to be less extravagant without the white-sand beach, fireworks, and sunset. And yet, it was more sentimental than he ever could have planned for.

The couple might have lost the chance to celebrate their engagement during a luxurious adventure, but they earned something greater than that, something priceless: they earned time and precious family moments.

Indeed, Jacqueline and Angelo finally got engaged on Valentine’s Day, at the restaurant where they shared their first date. Most importantly, the couple get the chance to share a meaningful moment, and to celebrate this intimate and symbolic proposal with Jacqueline’s grandmother at the hospital.

It was a special, yet emotional moment because I realized she was not going to get to see me walk down the aisle; but at least she was able to celebrate our engagement together,” said Jacqueline.

Jacqueline’s grandmother passed away three weeks later and they decided to wait one year before planning their wedding, in order to recover gently from the painful loss.

As life goes on, love goes on…

So when the couple felt ready to move on toward a bright future together, they decided to begin writing a new chapter.

As Jacqueline claimed: “Once we started planning, it really helped our family move forward from the devastating loss. We had so much happiness and love to celebrate, that our families were very engaged throughout the planning process.

This new chapter started with a happy date, October 15th, 2016; written in two iconic places—St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Cipriani Wall Street.

In combination of the couple and their families’ good ideas and energy, the mother and daughter decided to create an “enchanting garden oasis” theme for the celebration.

This storyline lended itself to a memorable and romantic wedding, magnified by a live harpist greeting guests as they entered the beautiful ballroom, adorned with lavish crystal candelabras, gold trees, charming candlelight, and marvelous roses and orchids—one thousand of which cascaded down from the sweetheart table.

Jacqueline and Angelo’s wedding day took them right back to the first chapter of their relationship, filled with bliss, love, smiles and laughs.

It was important to the couple to spoil and surprise their guests, and they really succeeded in doing so by hosting a private performance of Broadway’s Jersey Boys after dinner. An infectious joy spread amongst their guests, who all gathered on the dancefloor to sing and clap along.

After so much amazement, everyone was treated to an impressive dessert menu including the trend-setting, massive donut wall displaying over 200 donuts, a crepe station, an ice cream station, an assortment of cakes, and a vintage Brooklyn-style popcorn truck.

By the end of this day in the story of their lives, every guest and family member was filled with happiness and a grateful feeling of being alive.

Here at LLG Events, we will always remember Jacqueline and Angelo’s love story as an example of revival, and a reminder to enjoy every moment of life with the ones you love.


Ceremony | St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Reception | Cipriani Wall Street

Event Management & Execution | LLG Events

Florals | Pedestals Floral Decorators

Wedding Dress | Pnina Tornai

Bridal Salon | Kleinfeld Bridal