How to Design A Wedding in Greece


Choose a spot with a view 

The best designs start with a great base. In order to set yourself up for decor dreams, start by choosing a location with a stunning view to serve as your wedding backdrop. Knowing that you’ll want to capture it as best as possible, you’ll begin to center the rest of the days activities and decor around this element. What colors are present in the landscape? At what time is the wedding and what is the lighting like? Is the view more rustic or is it more streamlined and color blocked? Thinking about these items will help you begin to create the entire idea of your wedding design. 

Keep the decor simple 

When you’ve decided on a place with a beautiful view, why would you want to obstruct it? When you're choosing your location based on it's backdrop it's essential that your wedding arch or chuppah design enhances, not detracts, from the gorgeous surroundings behind you. We suggest creating something that is large enough to frame you and the view without it appearing heavy or intrusive. We also recommend choosing colors that compliment whatever it is that will serve as the backdrop. With these stunning blue seas, shades of white were the perfect compliment without stealing the show 

Incorporate local culture into the design

Once you’ve chosen your ideal wedding location and are beginning to design your wedding decor, look to the local vendors and culture for inspiration. Walking through the streets of these want Grecian towns, we were inspired by the beautifully woven basket hanging from each of the artisans shops along the alleyways. How cool would it be use these baskets as a vessel for flowers, a collaged photo backdrop, or interesting floating centerpiece? You could even use one as an alternative to a standard bouquet and have it filled with fresh flowers.