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Make a list of your friends who would love to go on their dream honeymoon after tying the knot. After investing a lot of money and time into their weddings, plenty of couples prefer to wait a little before travelling for their honeymoon - which is totally understandable, but also “risky”. Life being life, surprises and responsibilities often come unexpectedly. Couples might start a family earlier than scheduled, move into a new house because of professional contingencies, or face a very busy work schedule which inevitably postpones their travel plans. At the end of the day, we all know that couple who never made it to their dream honeymoon… How sad is that? But what if the solution was simply to combine your wedding and your honeymoon into one event…

Today, destination weddings are trendier than ever and many couples prefer to host their nuptials in another country over traditional ballroom celebrations. Instead of investing in hosting 250 guests, couples now fly with their closest friends and family to exotic and mysterious destinations they always dreamed of in order to create a whole experience for their wedding. Destination weddings give couples an opportunity to share more quality time with their guests while enjoying both weddings’ joys and travel discoveries. Destination Weddings allow couples to stay longer with their guests in order to make the wedding last longer and to celebrate this beautiful moment of their life during several days while visiting a brand new place. Couples can decide if they prefer this event to be with family or friends or both. They can choose to stay longer after their guests are gone in order to officially start their honeymoon so they differentiate between the wedding, and the honeymoon. 

Since destination weddings are our specialty here at LLG, we wanted to share with you our top 5 destinations to combine your wedding and your honeymoon:


We traveled to Bora Bora for the first time in March to celebrate Noran and Jay’s wedding and simply fell in love with this beautiful island and French Polynesian’s fascinating culture. Getting married in Bora Bora is the best destination if you want to incorporate some cultural elements into your ceremony. Beyond offering a real cultural experience to your guests, you will also be able to enjoy the wonderful landscapes, the amazing weather and all the tropical activities Bora Boras has to offer. Indeed, Bora Bora is known for its amazing beaches and blue lagoons where you can fish your next meal, or scuba dive to admire the underwater’s beauty. Tahitian cuisine is also delicious and surprisingly good when combined to Western food. In other words, Bora Bora is a perfect destination to dive in a brand new culture, or to stay a little more comfortable with your western wedding habits which will still suit the island perfectly.


For the last few years, Thailand has been an underrated destination for weddings and honeymoons. LLG is about to change that. Thailand has a lot to offer and cater to different travelers’ profiles. If you are food-lovers you will have a blast enjoying Thai food and designing ways to incorporate it into your wedding menu. You can also organize your whole honeymoon around a food-trip to discover local cuisine from different regions and cities of Thailand. If you are adventurers, and you want your wedding and your honeymoon to look like an unforgettable trek, Thailand will be a perfect fit for you. The weather and exotic landscapes make tropical fun available everywhere in Thailand: From hiking, shopping, scuba diving, or kayak trips. Big city parties or tiny out of time villages… Well, you’ve understood: Thailand is a whole adventure itself. If you prefer to stay local and focus on your guests experience or your memories, Thailand also offers plenty of peaceful settings and activities such as a forest walk, idyllic beaches, and amazing spas. 


On a totally different note, Bermuda is the perfect destination if you want your wedding and your honeymoon to be peaceful and relaxing. The best part? It’s only a 2-½ plane ride from NYC. Instead of driving to the Hamptons, take a quick trip to Bermuda and be transported to an island oasis. Bermuda is known for its golf and tennis fields. Isn’t that amazing activity inspiration for you and your guests? Whether you are confirmed golf-lovers, or you always wanted to give it a try, Bermuda is a nice place to start. Besides golfing or having fun on a tennis court, Bermuda is also famous for its romantic landscapes which make the country a perfect honeymoon destination as well: white sand, blue lagoons, and palm trees… the perfect idyllic backgrounds for your wedding and honeymoon pictures are waiting for you in Bermuda. Additionally, the island is very eco-friendly, so if you’re into zero-wastes events, you can organize this in Bermuda. 

4/ BALI:

There’s a good reason why Bali is so trendy amongst honeymoon destinations: the island is beautiful, entertaining, and has a fascinating culture. However, Bali is such an interesting exotic country that it is hard to catch its essence in a short amount of time, especially if you’re visiting Bali without diving into the culture. Thus, organizing a destination wedding in Bali sounds like a good plan. Indeed, it will allow you to stay longer in Bali and to merge into the country’s vibes better by incorporating some indonesian traditions or food in your wedding. Beyond its cultural heritage, Bali’s also home to many stunning luxurious hotels, resorts, and private villas which can represent either a good wedding venue, or a good honeymoon home. Whether you want your trip to be very luxurious, or more bohemian, Bali has the right settings for you. Your wedding and honeymoon experiences will also be amazingly varied: from adventurous and adrenaline activities to well-being and spiritual experiences, you’ll find an easy way to please every one of your guests. Indeed, Bali has very varied landscapes such as forests, mountains, beaches, historical cities… Every guest will be charmed by Bali.


Isn’t it astonishing that Maldives are internationally known as THE honeymoon destination without being promoted as a wedding destination? Think about it: Idyllic settings, colorful landscapes made of turquoise ocean and tangerine sunset, amazing weather, wonderful hotels and resorts, and plenty of familial activities… Isn’t it the perfect mix to create a whole experience around your wedding? Maldives are relaxing and peaceful but also very entertaining thanks to a whole set of activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling. In addition, Maldives hotels chefs have an impressive understanding of international food and will design a customized menu for your wedding without a doubt. Maldives vibes and idyllic landscapes  have the power to unify people and generate so much joy and happiness that makes these islands perfect to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life as well as enjoying a dreamy honeymoon with your one and only, or with your whole friends and family circle.

So… Where are you going next?

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