Go Back To The Roots Of Your Love For Your First Anniversary


What to do for your first wedding anniversary 

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Your first anniversary is at the corner and you don’t know how to mark the occasion? Looking for first anniversary gift inspiration or for travel suggestions for your first anniversary? Why don’t you go back to the roots of your love? After all, the purpose of a first anniversary is to celebrate the beginning of a long and happy life 

together, so going back to the place where the most beautiful day of your life happened makes a lot of sense. Create a symbolic tradition to go back where you tied your lives forever to remember and even relive the happiness of your wedding. 

It can be a romantic getaway with your new hubby or include everyone who was part of your wedding day, immediate family, bridesmaids or groomsmen. It can be a relaxing weekend or a multi-day trip filled with activities such as retaking some of your wedding pictures in new locations, scheduling a trash the dress shoot or organizing a theme-party… The scope of opportunities is endless but you can be sure they will perfectly revive your wedding memories as if it was yesterday. 

Here at LLG, we are happily remembering Lauren and Marty’s wedding a year ago in Asheville - North Carolina, and how we enjoyed the time we spent there. From the road trip to get there rythmed by our Asheville Spotify Playlist (available for you on our Spotify channel), to the gorgeous landscapes of North Carolina, not to mention Lauren and Marty’s amazing wedding, we can definitely say that we had a blast! We were actually sad to leave so soon and were hoping for this charming moment to last longer, and we know that everyone had the same feeling. Can you imagine how quickly this event elapsed for our newly married couple? We know how emotions and happiness combined together makes time fly in a flash… So in order to enjoy Asheville better, going back there a year later sounds like an ingenious idea. One year later, our eyes are still starried by the beauty of the Biltmore house, which is America’s largest home built by George Vanderbilt 130 years ago in North Carolina. Unfortunately our couple did not have time to visit due to their busy wedding schedule. However, they had the chance to enjoy a beer tasting at a lovely local brewery named the wicked weed, and a brunch at the Highland Brewing Company we all remember as being delicious. We are pretty sure they would love to go back as much as we do. Speaking of food, going back to your wedding venue or town you got married in, will allow you to discover new places, but it will also give you the opportunity to have a candle-light dinner at your wedding venue. How romantic to relive the wedding meal all over again?!

No time wasted on finding accomodations, no energy uselessly spent on looking for activities or places to visit in a city you don’t know... Going back to your wedding setting without having to be the life of the party will simply give you the chance to spend more time doing everything you didn’t have a chance to do last year. All while enjoying each other on an emblematic day in a place where you began your unique love story. Planning even farther - because that’s what marriage is all about! - you can even make this trip an annual tradition for every symbolic anniversary and maybe go back with your children one day.

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