Our Memories Survived The Flames


Our memories survived the flames

A homage to Notre Dame Cathedral

Castles, churches and cathedrals are sacred words for our industry of weddings. From the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona—we all are familiar, and appreciative, of these architectural treasures.

Historical cathedrals, churches and castles don’t only belong to our industry, they belong to our common heritage.

No matter where we come from, when such architectural jewels are built, they lead us to feel like we are citizens of the world. Not of a specific nationality.

These wonders of the world change our perspective and expand our vision beyond any border. Architectural masterpieces can perpetually make us seek purpose and wonder where is our true place in the universe.

The greatness of a cathedral such as Notre Dame de Paris goes beyond any religious belief or national pride. Last week, the whole world was united in sadness.

Today, in the middle of doubts regarding the future of Notre Dame Cathedral, one thing is sure yet:

Our tears weren’t enough to stop the fire; but our memories were enough to survive the flames.

In the family of Paris’ symbols, Notre Dame is the Eiffel Tower’s sister. Therefore, when the flames engulfed the cathedral on Monday April 15th, the pain was stronger and anchored in everyone of us.

The flames were burning every Christian, Parisian, French, and travel lover’s heart worldwide. A divine symbol of France and Christianity has been hurt.

Here at LLG Events, we take pride in French-inspired designs, as well as our French destination weddings. And we all have our own memories of Notre Dame, still solid and alive in our minds.

Therefore, it seemed necessary for us to write a tribute to Notre Dame, and to commiserate with French and Parisian citizens of the world.

Brave and standing in the flames, the Cathedral lost an important part of its roof. However, thanks to the incredible courage of 400 firemen, the load-bearing walls, apostle statues, bells, and art objects from the Treasury Aisle have all been saved.

It was a miracle this tragedy occurred without any death, and only one partially-injured fireman. Thus, we can still hope for successful renovation, and be sincerely thankful for the generosity of several donors to rebuild.

As France’s president Emmanuel Macron promised:

It is France’s destiny to rebuild Notre Dame, French history deserves it.

Standing proudly in the Saint Michel borough of Paris since the 13th century, Notre Dame Cathedral survived both World Wars and has defeated any terrorist attack.

Thus, even the scariest flames will never drag Notre Dame down. Our hope will rebuild Notre Dame as a phoenix rises from the ashes.