Happening Now: 3 Trends To Look Out For In The Upcoming Year


Happening Now: 3 Event Trends to look out for in the upcoming year

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Incorporating Water as an event component

Whether you’re inspired by it’s glassy appeal or you want to host your event in the ocean, water is a trend and its being integrated into events in fun new ways

Host an in-water event. Some planners are building platforms over the water, while others are diving right in, using water as the new foundation to their perfectly styled event. 

Our favorite: an overwater lunch where the tables were placed in the sandy shores themselves. Guests dined on local fare and enjoyed the stunning ocean views while being serenaded by local entertainment. To make it even more unique, all guests dined on platters and utensils made from woven leaves makin the cleanup a breeze and not harmful to the environment.

With a new trend in bridal gown bathing suits designers are taking it to the seas to show how their gowns are water worthy.

Our favorite: The colorful, vibrant photos that took place in the exotic Zaya Nurai island in Abu Dhabi. Complete with a floral swing, cape, and custom 15 ft veil, this shoot defied ceremonial norms showing how to have an overwater sunrise ceremony.

Even if the event is not in the water itself, inspiration is being drawn as we see it being used in decor and design elements. 

Our Favorite: Bubble escort cards that were set in a floral fountain. This one-of-a-kind display was a fun way for guests to find their seats and incorporated the water theme for this truly sensational baptism. 

Incorporating Fruit into Displays or Florals 

We’ve all seen the growing trend in charcuterie displays, with companies now offering specific services to come to your event and set one up. To take this trend a step further, planners and DIY-ers alike are using fresh fruit to create colorful displays at their events. 

How to: Think outside the bowl and use the fruits as the vessels themselves. A scooped out pineapple, watermelon, or cantaloupe is a great way to showcase your fruit salad or skewers. Don’t worry about getting fancy with cuts or designs, but focus on grouping like fruits together to create color blocked pops within your display. 

With the growing trend in dutchmaster floral design, artists are adding in fresh citrus and stone fruits to their decor displays, creating bold touches of color with fun, fresh appeal. 

How to: Recreate this trend with an added texture by cutting some of the fruit in half so as to add more depth and vibrancy to the arrangement. Save a few extra to place on the tablescape or in corresponding bowls to tie the look together. 

Make Sure It’s Eco-Friendly

With the rising concern about climate change and our society’s role in the environment, the event industry as a whole is thinking of ways to make our parties less impactful and more thoughtful.

When deciding on dinnerware and cutlery, choose brands that are made from recyclable materials or are biodegradable so guests and hosts feel less guilty about the waste. With many options on the market today, it’s easy to find chic tableware that won’t break the bank or the Earth. 

Our Favorite: Susty Party offers more than bamboo or recyclable dinnerware options. Many of their plates and cups are fully compostable which means they’re soil safe and not harmful to the environment. 

If you’re doing a floral heavy event and are worried it’s a waste to use the flowers for only one day, consider hiring an outside service to repurpose your flowers to be donated to local charities on your behalf or to handle the composting for you. 

How To: Companies like ReBloom, Repeat Roses and Random Acts of Flowers all offer repurposing services (note: some of these vendors charge a fee)

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