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Love & Conversations 

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Love & conversations was a unique event focused on bringing together NYC’s elite in the industry to discuss trends in the wedding industry: LGBTQ and how to be truly inclusive.  Guerdy Abraira of Guerdy Design created an impeccable guest experience from start to finish.

Guests were greeted with clever, transformative cocktails as they entered onto Carnegie Hall’s expansive rooftop terrace. Matching the artistry and grandeur of the world’s most iconic musical hall, this dramatic event space was a great backdrop showcasing Central Park and skyline views. As everyone mixed and mingled, taking tasteful bites and sipping colorful concoctions, you couldn’t help but notice the multiple large installations that Birch Event Design meticulously crafted. 

“We wanted to be playful and really capture the meaning of love,” says Allan of BIRCH Event Design. “We were inspired by the emojis we always send to each other and wanted to blow those out of scale so we could all be staring at hearts and really focus on love. We love color, but wanted to ground it all and elevate the level of elegance by basing it all in black and white.”

For that photo op moment, BIRCH created an over the top “LOVE” sign where guests were enticed to take pictures together and commemorate the events. After we had our fair share of rooftop views and mixing and mingling, we were invited to sit and hear the keynote address from top NYC wedding planner and marriage equality advocate Jove Meyer. 

Jove started his presentation with a powerful music video from Mackelmore’s hit song “Same Love” which features different characters and their struggle of acceptance as being gay. He went on to tell a little bit about his own story and struggles and how he overcame adversity and went on to be a proud voice for the LGBTQ community amongst the wedding industry and beyond. Jove offered great insights into trends amongst the LGBTQ community, with helpful statistics such as:

  • Size Matters: 90% have more intimate ceremonies with 150 guests or less

  • They Keep it Personal: 50% use a friend or family member to officiate the wedding

  • Attire is not A Surprise: they’re going shopping together and creating their own traditions

He took his time to be thoughtful and educate us all with ways to be inclusive as vendors, as planners and as fellow human beings. It was a great segway to open the door for meaningful conversations for the rest of the evening. After we all dried out eyes and cheered to love equality, we were escorted to the main ballroom, filled with a corridor of colorful flowers and a very interesting table setup. 

“Here at BIRCH we take a lot of pride in our unique style floor plans, so from the beginning we were focused on creating a cohesive flow for the entire evening.  For the dinner portion of the event, we really wanted to play with the 360 degree architectural style of the room. We really wanted to dwell on the word “conversation” and what that meant for us, how could we create an ideal floor plan that would allow for a cozy environment were all guests would feel at ease creating conversation with each other. The right answer was to focus everyone on the center, create separation but not make everyone feel separated.” 

From the layout, to the design, the planning and the speaking, this event was truly unique and a cause for real, thought provoking conversation. We are so proud of our friend and amazing planner and event stylist Guerdy for creating such a dynamic event for industry professionals. It was set to inspire others and unite an industry and we look forward to seeing what they come up with for next year’s Love and Conversations!


Planning & Styling @guerdydesign 

Venue & Production Support: @carnegiehall

Catering: @byconstellationny@byconstellation @byconstellationfl 

Speaker: @jovemeyer

Event Planning: @guerdydesign

Floral/Decor: @bircheventdesign

Printables: @alpineinvites

Live Performers & Band: @dwp_live_factory


Tabletop Rentals:@partyrentalltd

Photography: @jspstudios

Media: @partyslate

Floor Wrapping & Signage:@bombshellgraphics

Photo Booth: @tapsnap1165

Dj: @lohraspkansara 

Napkin Rentals: @nuagedesignsinc

Videography: @clanegessel

Lighting: @totalentertainmentnyc

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