Keep it Lighthearted & Funny

We created the theme of the party knowing that we wanted something ridiculous, but undeniably funny.

With male bravado becoming the center point and mockery in many mainstream movies and TV commercials, we felt the best way to honor a guy that’s incredibly humble and the least bit egotistical was to make the event all about him and how interesting he was…hence The Most Interesting Man Party!

By adding humor and steering away from the sentimental route, we knew we would be able to capture the essence of this ‘Most Interesting Man’ and give him something that even his friends couldn’t deny was a cool, fun time. 

Choose A Venue with a ‘Cool’ Factor 

Considering we based this event around the concept of ‘The Most Interesting Man,’ we thought of all the places where he would want to hang out or hide away…A plane, a yacht, a private island.

Our ideas were getting a little far-fetched, but then we found The Lambs Club. Their private space, The Stanford White Studio, is a library within The Chatwal that screamed sophistication.

With original paneled oak walls, bookcases and coffered ceilings, this place looks like a private club from the 1960’s. It also offered an outdoor terrace and seating for exactly the number of guests that we needed, instantly becoming the ideal spot for this gentleman’s soirée.

Eat Their Favorite Foods 

We’re not saying all men love breakfast (although we dare you to name a man that doesn’t), we just know that this ‘Interesting Man’ would love to brunch at any time of day.

So we created a custom menu with elevated versions of all his favorite breakfast foods: breakfast sandwiches, home fries, bacon, French toast and lox.

We also knew that these would be instant crowd-pleasers, as guests could grab something savory, sweet and oh-so-satisfying. 

Be Subtle, But Witty

To keep the theme going, we added in subtle details that guests would slyly notice.

For example, the signature drinks. Since we had decided on a brunch-themed menu, we chose Mimosas and Bloody Marys as the obvious boozy brunch standouts…

But we reworked them into Beer-mosas and Manly Marys (where beer replaced champagne and bacon garnish made it ‘manly’) with elaborate and exaggerated descriptions to make them sound more, well...interesting.

It was fun to watch the guests read the cocktail signs and laugh when they understood the subtle jokes within the descriptions.

Sparkling fermented hops with Floridian citrus anyone? 

Add A Little Competition  

Maybe we’re just competitive by nature, or perhaps we have friends that like a challenge…either way we felt that it wouldn’t be a party without a game or two.

Introducing: How Well Do You Know The Most Interesting Man?

A trivia game testing your knowledge about the guest of honor. We used cocktail napkins, coasters and photos to give the guests clues to the answers, and then placed envelopes at each place setting with phrases or statements to give them a hint.

Not every guest received a clue, and therefore they were encouraged to make each other do ridiculous tasks (like kissing another attendee) in order to earn more information.

In the end, the winner received a custom package full of items from our Gift Bar with choices of a cigar-holding whiskey glass, stemless tumbler, Dopp kit, or a leather bound notebook.

Make It Personal 

Besides writing fun facts on napkins and including his favorite foods, we knew that the celebration wouldn’t be complete without including the other woman in his life: his car.

We thought of many different ways to incorporate it into the event, but when our pastry chef told us she could create a scaled replica of his beloved Camaro, we knew we had a winner on our hands.

What better way to show off one of his most prized possessions than wheeling in a perfect model of it in food form? If done by a skilled baker, we can guarantee that this will add a true wow factor 100% of the time. (Sparklers included!) 

Don’t Be Afraid To Add Florals 

Although it depends on who you’re designing for, it’s safe to say that when you think of a guy’s party, you don’t exactly think of tons of flowers and rose petals everywhere.

For this male, decor meant modern, but classic. Clean lines and a masculine edge.

We brought in dark, sexy colors to match the vintage library, and worked with our florist to create sleek, simplistic floral arrangements that any man would admire.

We started with the Cala Lilly, a single-petal sturdy flower that can easily take shape to create gorgeous curves when bent inside of a glass box. This illusionary feel gave each arrangement a sense of mystery and added some life while keeping the manly aesthetic.


Planning, design and execution: LLG Events

Venue: The Lambs Club

Florals: Ovando

Chair rentals: High Style Rentals

Cake: Janet Benami Cakes/Hey!Cookie

Stationery: Minted