How to throw the best Bachelorette Brunch

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Whether it’s a lively weekend trip to Vegas or a secluded glamping night, bride-to-be’s have done it all when it comes to throwing their bachelorette parties. For those who desire something on a more intimate and smaller scale, a bachelorette brunch could be your answer...but that’s not to say it will be nothing short of unforgettable. 

Have you been tasked with throwing the ultimate Bachelorette Brunch? Well, the ladies of LLG Events (who are experts at brides, brunch, and boozin’) have put together a fool-proof guide on throwing the perfect brunch.

Let’s Talk About Location

When we think brunch, we think the closest restaurant that offers bottomless mimosas on a Sunday morning. But with a bachelorette brunch, we should be more creative. The venue can be anything from a rooftop bar to your cousin’s apartment, a nearby park, or your mom's backyard. As long as it is in your budget and accessible for all guests, any place can be personalized and serve as the backdrop to your bachelorette brunch. 

Food Is A Must

No party can go on without some food… trust me, you do not want a room full of hungry bridesmaids. If you choose a restaurant as your venue, then make a personalized menu. You can choose your bride's favorite meals while keeping in mind any special dietary needs. If you go the personal route and choose to host the brunch at someone's home, then hire a caterer or plan some meals you can make ahead of time. Try out a bagel bar, where you have a variety of bagel flavors with an array of toppings for a cost-efficient and delicious meal. No matter what, just don’t forget the sweets! Remember, there’s always room for dessert, so surprise the bride with her favorite treat.

Always Stay On Theme

Is your bride an Arianna Grande fan, or does she hate everything pink? Maybe she loves the beach, or is a city girl. Whatever her preference, make the theme all about the bride-to-be. This will help inspire the decor choices, music playlist, attire, games...basically everything you need to plan the perfect party! 

Custom Cocktails Are The Way To Go

Let’s forget the basic mimosa and bloody mary, and exceed expectations with custom cocktails. Put a fun spin on the mimosa with the bride's favorite fruit juice and give it a fun name to add some excitement to the drink menu. Make a bloody mary bar with toppings that are truly, completely over-the-top. Planning a beach theme? Go for a margarita with a salted rim in the bride's favorite color. Do you prefer wine? Make sangria with endless fruit infused. For those who would rather a non-alcoholic beverage, keep them included with a fun mocktail. (Seltzer goes great with everything!) Whatever you choose, go custom and provide plenty of options. 

Make It Photo-Worthy

“But first...let me get a selfie!” You planned an amazing bachelorette brunch, so you have to showcase your hard work and capture the unforgettable memories. To do so, you can go all out and hire a professional photographer, set up an open photo booth with fun props, or you can pass around a polaroid camera to capture your event in a unique and personal way. Just don’t forget to make it Instagrammable—from the backdrop to the props, every detail counts. We promise your guests will love a photo that adds some excitement to their social media.

Keep It Exciting

Let's be real, small talk can only go so we recommend some fun bachelorette games to liven up the crowd. Try creating a fun quiz about the couple—which may just get competitive, so provide some small prizes to add more excitement. Bachelorette bingo is a similar route that can be completely customizable. And if your guests are not as competitive, plan a DIY project like a craft or a cooking class that will keep everyone entertained. Bring it up a notch with some adult pictionary or by inviting a special guest. (Just always remember to know your crowd... X-rated games are not for everyone!)

Provide The Proper Farewell

We’re sure no one will want to leave your brunch, but when it’s absolutely time to go, be sure to send your guests off with a proper farewell and hand out some party favors. Customized gifts are a great idea to make the day last forever. From T-shirts or undies, to wine glasses or sunglasses, anything can be personalized with a custom logo, hashtag or slogan to represent your party. If you’re not feeling the custom route, then pass out some mini champagne bottles with a sipper, a bachelorette-themed cookie, or some corresponding picture frames to fit your polaroids. Whatever it may be, any gift will be the perfect ending to your bachelorette brunch.

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