LLG Events hosted our third meetup at newly opened, bi-level Lebanese restaurant yara NYC in Midtown East.

yara NYC’s owner, Jacob Harb, former Porsche executive-turned-restaurateur was the featured speaker. Jacob worked to become the head of strategy at BMW by age 27, and went on to earn the youngest vice president title at Porsche. He managed about 1,500 people for the Northeast region, leading them to the top before diving into the restaurant industry.

Having undergone a major career switch from corporate vice president to entrepreneur business owner, Jacob detailed the path to opening his own restaurant.

Attributing his success to hard work and luck, Jacob finds truth in the phrase,

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

But what do you do if you find yourself doubting a new career path that’s turning your life in a new direction? (Something Jacob admitted to happening frequently throughout his journey with yara.)

Jacob’s advice:

Doubt is healthy. Questioning yourself, challenging yourself, or getting out of your comfort zone are all valid when starting a new endeavor.

Lauren Grech, CEO and Co-Founder of LLG Events, added,

In order to persevere through doubt, you need a lot of determination, a lot of self worth, and a reminder to yourself everyday that you made the right decision.

Jacob also advises to trust the process. The crawl-walk-run approach served him well as a life lesson and business model. Starting with small steps and building your way up is a tried and true method for achieving success.

Leveraging contacts and building your network was also discussed. Teal Nicholson, creative director of LLG Events, said that you never know who your connections know, so don’t be afraid to talk about what you’re working towards.

Ultimately, you don’t need to have experience in the field you’re trying to enter. If you have a passion for the industry, study the market and companies you want to work for, and evaluate your skills, then you can decipher how to add value into any culture.

Paul Grech, COO and Co-Founder of LLG Events, said,

“Develop a self awareness of what you’re passionate about. It allows you to realize perspective, and understand the direction you really want to go in and where you can add the best service.”

View more on yara here.

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