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Meet the Team


We are an international luxury wedding and event planning design firm specializing in events in New York City and worldwide. What once started as a husband and wife duo quickly became a dynamic trio. While still maintaining our core values of creating a modern yet timeless approach to event planning, our exponential growth has allowed us to streamline the planning process by updating classic techniques and integrating them with modern technology. Using our custom online planning portal we communicate directly with our clients, keeping them abreast of their details all while taking away the stress of the process. With all your information consolidated in one place, we make it easy, simple and concise.

At LLG Events, clients have come to expect excellence, vision, enthusiasm, passion, and a fresh approach on the overall planning process. We’ve not only integrated a cloud based technology into our services, we are turning a $300 billion market into philanthropic revenue. We repurpose our flowers after every full service event showering cancer treatment facilities and foster care centers with beautiful floral arrangements. We created the concept of Kouple Karma where we help couples build a new narrative by giving back together and we donate 10% of our LLG Gift Bar proceeds to our pro-bono wedding of the year. We keep busy all while making sure we create a social impact in our industry pioneering our own legacy. When it comes to your event, we develop your ideas while adding our innovative expertise, to create a memorable experience which will have your guests reminiscing for years to come.

Your event, is just the beginning, now what will your legacy be…