Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine

There are very few moments in my life where I have been overwhelmed by emotion; and being invited to become a Grace Ormonde Platinum Member was one of them. When I first started in this industry this was the magazine I would purchase and say "one day I will make it into this magazine". It was the magazine I aspired and worked so hard to be apart of. In 2015 I even submitted to their editorial and got rejected. That rejection propelled me forward, motivated me every day to take on every wedding I could, to show our capabilities and the client's we reach to some day see our name as a platinum list wedding planner. 

As a bride I looked through the magazine and the online editorials as a means of inspiration and now as a business owner I continue to do the same. I am still so awestruck by the quality of vendors I am surrounded by each day. They continue to push me, inspire me and they are the ones that believed in me from day one of this journey. 

Receiving the phone call that LLG Events was being invited to become a Platinum Member felt like a dream. A surreal moment it was, I could not wait to call Paul and say "we did it, we made it, our hard work together has paid off!" There was no one who wanted to celebrate this win more than my husband and partner.  And now with an incredible team of partners we are pushing the boundaries of our limits; creating, planning and executing even more spectauclar events.

To our clients, thank you, thank you for allowing us to be apart of your wedding journey, to our vendors thank you for providing us with your attention to detail and quality work, and to our LLG team we could not have done this without all of you! And lastly, to my hubby Paul, without you none of this would be possible, thank you for your unconditional faith in me and in our business, together we can conquer the world. 

Please continue sharing in this journey with us and follow along as we explore new horizons and plan even more amazing events!