Our Legacy; Introductory Post

When I first started this blog I had no idea what to write about. What was interesting to current couples? Or to my clients? I was completely in the dark on how to create an informative yet interesting blog. After taking this year to listen to my clients needs, answering their questions and learning what mattered to them most, I realized how this blog can help them and future couples. 

I took down all my original posts except for a few which I felt were a glimpse into our past year of planning. I decided to break up our blogs into two different categories. One, "Our Legacy" was established for clients who wanted to know more about us, who we are, how we think and what makes our company special. And our "Advice Column" is simple.. we see the same questions over and over again and I think most brides have similar questions. We created this section of our blog to help answer those questions, offer our advice as professionals and give some insight into wedding trends. 

I hope this blog creates a platform where couples feel comfortable seeking our help as wedding planners and getting to know our company on a more intimate level. 



Lauren G.