Little Lady

Each wedding we've worked on, I always walk away with a new nickname from either my client's or their guests. This adds a personal touch and allows me to remember the uniqueness of each wedding. On our most recent wedding I was coined "The Little Lady" and it will always remind me of the Albanian wedding we planned for Bardha and Blerim. 

The Albanian culture is extremely unique with a ton of elements that I needed to educate myself with prior to the wedding day. Most importantly; respect. Respect was a major factor when planning the ceremony processional, the bridal party entrances, the music, the Albanian dances, speeches, etc. My bride, Bardha, knew how new the whole Albanian wedding culture was to me. We had weekly hour long meetings discussing all the rituals I needed to know; the dances, the singers, the drummers, the attire.. it was fascinating. What amazed me the most was how she allowed me to enter her world, her culture, and how willing and proud she was to educate me on the traditional Albanian wedding. These meetings alone helped us grow closer and when the wedding day came I felt like a pro. By the time she entered the reception room, I couldn't help but tear up with pride that I accomplished her dream of a traditional Albanian ceremony and entrance. 

Being a wedding planner is not just about executing a flawless event for a bride and groom. It's about learning who they are, taking the time to know what's important to them and internalizing that to make it just as important for you as the planner. I'm never intimidated by the unknown or by a wedding culture I've never experienced, rather I'm open and willing to learn and educate myself on new cultures and how to grow as a person and in my business.