A Celebration of Love and Life

I happen to believe that I am a different wedding planner than most. I cry every time a bride walks down the aisle with her father, I cry at the sound of the string quartet playing, and I still cry during the reciting of vows. But one wedding in particular had a really emotional effect on me.

 I remember the first time I met Fernanda at Oheka Castle. She was sitting at the restaurant speaking Portuguese with her aunt, holding what looked like her cell phone with chords attached to her heart. I knew better then to ask any questions so we went on discussing her wedding and my role in helping her plan it. I quickly realized how much of a mess she was in! She had not spoken to any of her vendors in months, had not signed contracts with her band, DJ, lighting or photo booth, and had not ordered any wedding day stationary or favors. For a wedding that was 6 weeks away I was very concerned that some of these vendors would not be available. But instead of worrying her more, I reassured her that I would get the job done and make sure that she would have the wedding of her dreams.

 It took a 3 hour sit down consultation and some rose wine, to discover all of her wishes and desires for her dream wedding and it was there that we began developing our friendship.  Before the night ended she confided in me what that monitor was and how she became stuck with it. It was a heart stress monitor that she needed after having surgery just 2 months shy of her wedding. I began putting all the pieces together as to why her wedding was put on hold and realized that she didn’t even think she would make it to this day. After discovering a bacterial heart infection while on vacation, doctors had to immediately operate to try and save her life. They found a gauze pad stuck next to her heart from a surgery she had 15 years ago. This gauze pad was the cause to her reoccurring bacterial infections and the reason she may not have been able to walk down the aisle.  I quickly realized that for Fernanda and Stefan this was not only a celebration of love but a celebration of life. 

 Fast forward to May 28th in the Bridal Suite of Oheka Castle, I found her sitting there as calm as ever and the happiest bride I have ever seen. We put together the welcome bags for all her hotel guests, finished the last minute details, and yes I can confidently say, I succeeded in recruiting all the vendors she wanted, and getting all the decor details in place within the 6 weeks leading to her wedding. It was that moment where she coined my new nickname “Angel Lauren”.  Seeing her walk down the aisle with her father I began to cry while she remained so cool and collected. Here was a bride so humble and grateful to be alive to marry the love of her life. Listening to the string quartet play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” I began to sob. And of course as they recited their wedding vows I watched in the distance drying my tears of happiness.

Each wedding is a unique and wonderful experience. I become emotionally connected with each couple as I watch their wedding dreams unfold in front of me. I am thankful every day for the new people I get to meet, the new couples I get to work with, and reliving my wedding day vicariously through theirs. It is not a job for me, it is a passion. I hope to share your wedding day with my fellow clients and blog readers to show the world that there are planners who are strongly emotionally invested in their clients happiness.


Lauren G.