Mint Watercolor Menu PDF (Long)

Mint Watercolor Menu (Long).jpg
Mint Watercolor Menu (Long).jpg

Mint Watercolor Menu PDF (Long)


Create your own custom menu with this easy downloadable PDF template. It’s half page design allows you to print two on a page, saving paper and time.


1. Purchase & download the file.

2. Create a new word document with the page size set to 4.25” x 11”

3. Add the downloaded file to your word processing document (LLG TIP: In Pages, you can add it in it’s PDF form directly to the doc. In other programs, you may need to export/save the PDF as a JPEG file before adding it to the doc)

4. Create a text box and type in the menu descriptions over the pdf background. 

5. Save the file as a PDF and send to the printer of your choice.

LLG Tip: For optimal results, we suggest printing this on 80 lb stock paper or heavier.

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