A Taste of Nostalgia - Camerata Park


There’s nothing better than a Saturday brunch affair, with whipped cream french toast and decorated mini rice crispy treats for dessert. Inspired by just two words “baby shower”, LLG dreamt up the most epic and magical baby shower to date. It’s everything a kid and adult wants plus more. It’s a place where everyone is accepted and everyone in the family is invited to join and celebrate the birth of new life.

When we plan an event we think of every component including how we want the room to smell and what our guests should taste. With the design of Camerata Park, this was no exception. Part of our theme was this idea of an adult wonderland where you could feel like a kid again and experience all of ones childhood favorites. Having this concept in mind, we chose food and drinks based on the nostalgia from being a child: tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, cotton candy, funfetti cake, fried chicken and buttermilk waffles. We even took the memories of having a tea party with friends and served drinks in vintage hand painted china.

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