Thinking of Proposing This Holiday Season? - Read This!

Part 1 - The Decision

Hello all, this is the other half to LLG Events, the husband, ‘the tech guru’, Paul. I figured it was time to break the seal on blog posts and speak out a bit. No better timing than engagement season. I will be releasing a two part blog series giving my account of deciding when to propose, purchasing an engagement ring and planning the proposal itself.

Often times Lauren will ask me, “when did you know?” or “when did you realize you wanted to marry me?" and for guys this can be a bit of a complicated response. I knew early on that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Lauren but for others this may not have been the case. For me, I remember speaking with Lauren about our future at length many many MANY times and although I wish to tell you about some magical moment…. All I have is that one October day back in 2013, where I decided to skip the gym and go straight home.  I grabbed a glass of water, looked out onto the beautiful fall day to slow down the daily hustle and bustle that became my life. I just wanted some time to sit down and think. I asked myself “what am I waiting for? am I scared? am I nervous? what is it?" I decided it was none of these, it was simply time for a decision and embrace change rather than delay it.

So, for all the men and women reading this, there really is no universally defined time of when you know. It is simply a gut feeling. As simple as the feeling is, it is also the most complicated part of the process. My advice being, reflect on your personal situation, your relationship and on your partner. Ensure that this decision is yours and yours alone because nobody else is going to be in this relationship but the two of you.

- Paul