Take a Walk into Camerata Park

Welcome to the world of LLG Events where adults can be kids again. Take a walk into our adventureland where we created the new trend in baby showers, with oversized toys, the sweet aroma of cotton candy in the air (organic, of course) and activities reminiscent of your childhood.


Picture this: guests are  greeted by a mini carousel with mirrored unicorns and green boxwood hedge. Next to this you’ll find a love swing suspended from an 8 foot grown cherry blossom tree, reflective of the cherry blossoms that  adorn the Palm House inside and out. It’s a place where people of all ages can come together and celebrate new life. This, is Camerata Park. Take a photo with our teddy bear, Cam, the beloved bear that watches over the park day and night. Sip pretty with our rock candy cocktails in a vintage floral teacup. Strategize your next move with our oversized chess board or navigate the colored pathways of Candyland, all of which will having you begging for more and never wanting to leave.  


There’s nothing better than a Saturday brunch affair, with whipped cream french toast and decorated mini rice crispy treats for dessert. Inspired by just two words “baby shower”, LLG dreamt up the most epic and magical baby shower to date and Design House Decor executed their vision to perfection. It’s everything a kid and adult wants plus more. It’s a place where everyone is accepted and everyone in the family is invited to join and celebrate the birth of new life. 

A magical place like Camerata Park does not end, it extends beyond the men, women and children at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. All the games and flowers are being donated through Repeat Roses to local hospitals, orphanages and nursing homes. With this underlying theme, Camerata Park will continue to live on and forever leave their legacy.

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