Pretty in Pink

This week our focus has been on pink themed weddings and decor. We absolutely loved the vibe! Scrolling through our Instagram and seeing all the pretty pictures literally made us smile. As our new Creative Director Jackie fits into her role, we wanted to further engage our audiences through themes. And what better way than through our photo inspiration on Instagram. Each week we will be focusing on a new color, showing you the ways we use that specific color in our weddings and events and how you can incorporate that palette into your own event. 

Photo Credit: Sean Gallery Photography

Photo Credit: Hechler Photography

Photo credit: Veils and Cufflinks

With pink being our first color we scrolled through the thousands of images we have and chose our favorite ones that really made pink standout. We found that bridesmaids dresses was a reoccurring theme as well as incorporating pink into your flowers and linens, my best friend even had a pink wedding dress! I also loved seeing pink light up a dance floor in roses, so original!

Whether it's adding an accent of pink in your floral arrangements, or on a dessert table that's filled with white, pink is a great color choice when you're looking to add some soft color to your wedding day.