Destination Weddings; Why bring a NYC wedding planner to your next destination event?

2018 is the year of destinations for LLG Events. We are currently planning events in California, England, France, Italy and Malta. But why have couples chosen LLG to accompany them to these destinations? Why not hire a local planning company? We've taken the time to outline some of our reasons below!

LLG has become a major presence in the New York City market in just under 3 years. We've worked at The Plaza Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Cipriani Wall Street, Cipriani 42nd Street, The Rainbow Room, Empire State Building, Gotham Hall, Brooklyn Museum, the list goes on. Working at the most exclusive venues in the second largest city in the world presents planners with many challenges. Talk to any NYC wedding vendor and they can tell you load in and load out at these venues is strict and painstaking. The security measures taken are essential in our modern world but needing to get floral decor or your band into a space can take hours! Traffic congestion in New York on a Saturday in May/June or during the holidays is painful. Have you ever walked down 5th Avenue during the holidays? It's insane! Weddings in NYC are complicated, you need to understand traffic patterns, research city street shut downs and stay on top of this throughout the entire planning process not just the last month of planning

This is why you need an experienced planner with the knowledge to look into these details, who strategically plan your event and most importantly who can assemble the right team of vendors, that can take on the intensity of these jobs while never letting their service or product falter.

Now take this list of challenges and amplify them with a destination event. Not only are you accounting for the very same situations as a normal wedding but now you must factor in language barriers, guest air travel, ground transport, hotel accommodations, currency exchange, vendor contracts in another country, etc. I once planned an event where the hosts were paying in pounds, the venue needed the deposit in euros and vendors needed to be paid in dollars, it gets complicated. And with this many variables most couples feel overwhelmed with the task of planning this type of event. We make the process very easy.

You communicate with one source, us. We are your liaison to the destination market. We have someone locally on the ground in each of these countries who we can communicate with and who can translate if needed. We understand pricing in various markets and fair market value for contracts. Using our custom online wedding planning portal, our couples can live anywhere in the world and still be able to track their planning progress and communicate with us. Using our portal, we can assist and track guest air travel, ground transport, create side by side comparisons for vendor proposals in proper currencies, track monthly payments, etc. We have an easy pay system to transfer money abroad and track budgets in various currencies. We project manage your entire event and join you for your entire wedding weekend to ensure quality control and proper execution. 

Our message for 2018: If we can tackle the New York City market we can handle your next destination event.