A Thanksgiving Mitzvah

As we reflect on our 2017 wedding season we realize just how much our clients become a part of our lives. Aunt Linda was no exception. I remember the day she called, and relayed all her troubles to me. I was a perfect stranger on the phone but to her I was her saving grace. She called to tell me that her niece, the bride to be, suffered the loss of her mom during Thanksgiving of 2016, just 8 months before her wedding. Should they postpone the wedding? Should they continue planning? How could they plan this without Sharon, the bride's mother? These were just some of the questions the family asked themselves during the grieving process. Despite the tragic loss, everyone wanted to celebrate a special couple, Jenny and Bob, and knew that Sharon would want the same.

Aunt Linda did not miss a beat! She started helping her niece plan the wedding of her dreams that she knew her sister would want. Aunt Linda hired a wedding planner to help secure the DJ, florals, photographer and stationery. 2 months before the wedding, this wedding planner had been in a terrible car accident and could no longer perform her services.

All photos by Silverfox Studios

So here we are, 6 months after Sharon's passing, on the phone with Aunt Linda and she's telling us this incredible story of the human spirit and how this family needed a beautiful celebration in the wake of a tough year. After losing her sister, after her wedding planner was hospitalized, she asked if we were up for the challenge of stepping in and planning Jenny and Bob's dream wedding. There was no hesitation, I told her absolutely! She thanked me, and said "in the Jewish faith we call a good deed a mitzvah, and Lauren, this is your mitzvah". So within 2 months and with the combined efforts of Aunt Linda, Bob, Jenny and Bob's mom Patti, we planned Jenny's bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and completed the wedding planning needed to execute a perfect wedding day for Jenny and Bob. 

Everyone has an Aunt Linda.... The aunt who becomes the mother figure, the confidant, the source of strength for your family. She is persistent, detail oriented, she is the one pushing you because she knows you can succeed and the one cheering you on when you do. Aunt Linda is no ordinary aunt, she steps in and fulfills a role when needed when she herself is going through her own grieving process and internal struggles. This year was instrumental in showing us that not all our clients are brides and grooms but sometimes an important, influential family member that you could not live without. This holiday season be thankful for your Aunt Linda, and all others celebrating your love as a couple. We are grateful for you Aunt Linda and all our clients who make this job a rewarding one. 

Happy Thanksgiving!