Cara Designs with LLG Events

This year we pushed ourselves creatively in more ways than one. We encouraged each other to step out of our normal business boundaries to stimulate a new business model for wedding planning while still maintaining our company mantra. In 2016:

"we continued to seek visionaries and industry leading designers in our field. Our search introduced us to many talented artists who exposed us to new ideas and quality experiences, that culminated in a modern yet timeless approach to event planning.

Our search showed us that we needed a new team member. Someone with an artistic eye, that was relatable to the modern bride, all while having her own creative flair to add to our future events. Having just gotten married herself at St. Patrick's Cathedral and Cirpiani's while using us as her wedding planners, she knows exactly what the wedding and design process is like here in New York City.

We are so delighted to announce the addition of our newest team member Jacqueline Cara, headlining our design division at LLG Events through Cara Designs. Her taste is impeccable, her design eye is unique and exquisite, but most importantly her bubbly personality allows her to fit right in here at the office and with our clients. 

Check out her work here --> and follow her on Instagram @jcaraa to see what we are up to next!