Donut Walls

Donut walls are all the rage in wedding world, so many clients ask, where can I get one? Well, we have our own production company that can build anything you desire! From donut and pretzel walls, to cotton candy bicycles or champagne towers, we create it all from your social media inspiration. 

Part of hiring our company for wedding planning includes our resources and connections in the industry to provide you with the latest trends as well as our creative take on them. No two couples are alike and neither are their weddings, so it's important to be able to distinguish between our weddings.

We work with our couples, if they want a donut wall, we'll make it for them but maybe we'll use a different quote, "Donut Leave Me Hangin", wrap the wall in a different color, use an array of doughnuts. Whatever it is, let us handle the creative process, the construction and the execution.