Just got engaged? Read how we can relate to you and your new fiance!

Part 2 - The Proposal

Now that I made my decision it was time to start planning the proposal.... but what was the next step? There were so many decisions regarding ring size, design, proposal, engagement parties etc. that it was difficult to find where to begin. I was lucky enough to have my brother-in-law, Jeff, who advised me through purchasing the ring and my new sister-in-law to help with the engagement party details while I focused on the proposal. But many people don't have someone like Jeff, or a sister-in-law or a wedding planning business where this stuff comes easy to them. So who do they turn to? 

At first I wanted this blog post to describe my thoughts and feelings on proposing to Lauren, but as I wrote this I realized that grooms may need some insight on who to turn to and help with this overwhelming process. There are not many wedding planning companies that can relate to the groom-to-be on this kind of level but I can. I know how amazing yet intense this process can be, all the questions going through your head: when, where, how, and how for a guy getting down on one knee and asking those four letter words is essentially the same as standing on the alter and saying "I do".  Us men carry the weight of initiating a process that is not meant to be broken and often times, despite how sure you are it can be overwhelming.

As the other half to this wedding planning firm, I can relate to you on a much deeper level than planning and organizing your event, that part any good coordinating company can manage. It's the emotional understanding and the unspoken words between me and the grooms-to-be that allow me to help you plan and carry out your dream proposal for your dream girl. After that ladies, you get the reins and it's your show. But up until then, we have the control and the responsibility.