We've Joined WeWork !!

Hello Everyone!

We have some exciting news here at LLG! Keeping up with our 2016 motto; "New Year, New Look, New Legacy", we not only revamped our website but we have officially opened our first office location. Yes, that's right our very own office! We joined the WeWork family in December and we couldn't be more excited!!

We are now able to offer our current and potential clients a more professional setting, private conference room space to discuss your event and design board, refreshments during your meeting and much much more! We chose WeWork for a number of reasons but our main reason was to stay true to our beliefs that we work for our clients. In the past, meeting with LLG was easy because we allowed our clients to choose a location that was convenient for them. We wanted to maintain this convenience (somewhat) when we moved to our New York City location. We looked at joining the WeWork community because WeWork has 22 locations in New York alone. Becoming a premium member at WeWork gives us access to all the conference rooms at ANY of these locations. So we can still meet our clients in whatever location is most convenient for them! With this in mind and the "Do What You Love" motto at WeWork, the decision was easy! 

Our motto for 2016 is "New Year. New Look. New Legacy", and we have given ourselves just that! In order to maintain the growth and momentum this company has experienced over the last year, we believed that investing in an office space was key to our continued success. Come set up an appointment and check it out!